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We do not believe in a complicated pricing policy for our services.  We believe our customers deserve transparency in how they are charged, and we strive to avoid any unexpected "surprises".

Our tax preparation services are billed based upon the type of return and the number of schedules included.  We do not bill for our time.  For the 2022 tax season (filed in 2023), our prices are as follows:

Individual Returns (includes 1 state return):

Form 1040 (not itemized): $210

Form 1040 (with itemized Schedule A): $310

Schedule B (Interest & Dividends): $45

Schedule C (Business) per form: $200

Schedule D (Gains & Losses) per form: $125

Schedule E (Rentals/Supplemental Income) per form: $150

Schedule F (Farm) per form: $200

Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit): $65

Schedule SE (Self-Employment Tax): $40

Additional state returns (per state): $60

Business Returns:

Form 1065 (Partnerships): $775

Form 1120 (Corporations): $900

Form 1120S (S-Corporations): $900

Form 990 (Exempt Organizations): $725

Payroll Tax Forms:

Form 940 (Federal Unemployment): $85

Form 941 (Employer's Quarterly Return): $95

The prices above are contingent upon the proper completion of a tax organizer, and include initial consultation, collection of required documents, preparation, and e-filing of the tax return.  Additional fees can be incurred for incomplete or late receipt of tax information, disorganized or incomplete files, or expedition of return. 

Prices for less common forms are available upon request.

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